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Participating in a mobile app test or pilot

Users (drivers) The user’s experience is centred around the telematics mobile application. The application serves to main purposes; data acquisition and data presentation. AID Telematics offers an iOS and an Android version of the application, representing 99%* of global smartphone market share. Following are the instructions for the 2 platforms iOS View the instructions to […]

Installing demo iOS app

The AID Telematics iOS demo app is managed through Apple’s TestFlight application. This application is owned and maintained by Apple and is used to support organizations like AID Telematics deliver demo and test applications. To install AID Telematics you will need to the invite link, something like “https://testflight.apple.com/join/abcde123”. This link will be provided by your […]

Update of iOS privacy settings

Check granted permissions The AID Telematics app requires access to location services in the background. Apps must have user permission to enable the app to record trips. How to check, and adjust, your permissions: Open the “Settings” on iPhone and follow to the App Click on AIDTelematics Make sure app settings are correct Location – Always […]

Updating TestFlight (IOS)

As per most properly maintained apps, AID Telematics frequently updates the AID app to add features and increase compatibility. The iOS demo apps leverage Apple’s TestFlight and therefore the updating process is a little different. Please follow these steps: Find the Test Flight app and open (click the TestFlight icon) Find the AID Telematics app […]