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Installing demo iOS app

The AID Telematics iOS demo app is managed through Apple’s TestFlight application. This application is owned and maintained by Apple and is used to support organizations like AID Telematics deliver demo and test applications.

To install AID Telematics you will need to the invite link, something like “”. This link will be provided by your project manager, project owner, AID Telematics Support or other approved party.

Follow the following steps

  1. Open the email invite on your iPhone
  2. Click the link provided (similar to “”)
  3. If you already have TestFlight installed, the iPhone will open the app. Proceed to step 7
  4. iPhone will open a page (similar to the one below). Click on “View in App Store” below the “Step 1 – Get TestFlight” text.
  1. Install the TestFlight app (as per any other iPhone app)
  1. Return to the screen of step 4. Click on the “Start Testing” button below the “Step 2 – Join the Beta” text.
  2. The iPhone will open the TestFlight and present the AIDTelematics app install option. Click on the “Install” button.
  1. Open the AIDTelematics app
  1. Click “Next” on the first screen (this screen will provide updates on the latest updates to the app).

NOTE: iOS might overwrite the request process and ask for permissions at this phase. If so, please accept all request.

  1. Click “Start testing” on the Share Feedback screen. To send feedback, create a screenshot from within the app. This will share the image and as you for details.
  1. The first step in the app configuration is to allow the app to the app to use location data while using the app (the request to keep tracking in the background will come later). Click “Allow While Using App”.
  1. Step 2 will request permission to use motion detection support. Click “OK”.
  1. Step 3 will request permission to receive notifications. It is possible this request first appear when app was first opened. Click “Allow”.
  1. The final install step is to allow tracking while in the background. Click “Change to Always Allow”.
  1. The next steps is either to register or login. If this is the first use, click on “Without account, register here”. Existing users, proceed to step 17.
  1. Enter your details as requested. Remember to click on the flag to change your country code. Click register.
  1. Enter your phone number and click login. Remember to click on the flag to change your country code.
  1. Click the “Resend code” and enter 6 digit code received.
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