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Installing demo Android app

The AID Telematics Android demo app is managed through Google’s Play Store application. This application is owned and maintained by Google and is used to support organizations like AID Telematics deliver demo and test applications as well as their regular apps.

To install AID Telematics you will need to the invite link, something like “”. This link will be provided by your project manager, project owner, AID Telematics Support or other approved party.

Follow the following steps

  1. Open the email invite on your Android
  2. Click the link provided (similar to “”)
  3. On the new page, click “Accept Invite”
  1. Scroll to after the green box, and click “download it on Google Play”
  1. Click on the “Install” button.
  1. Click “Open” to app and begin the activation process.
  1. The first step in the app configuration is to allow the app to the app to use location data while using the app (the request to keep tracking in the background will come later). Click “While using the app”.
  1. Allow background location data. Click on “Allow all the time”
  1. Step 3 will request permission to use motion detection support. Click “Allow”.
  1. Allow the app to run in the background by clicking “Allow”.
  1. The next steps is either to register or login. If this is the first use, click on “Without account, register here”. Existing users, proceed to step 17.
  1. Enter your details as requested. Remember to click on the flag to change your country code. Click register.
  1. Enter your phone number and click login. Remember to click on the flag to change your country code.
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