we are Telematics Powered

AID Telematics leverages the latest in telematics to deliver unmatched value, knowledge and business improvements.


Whether personal auto, motorcycle or commercial insurance, AID can help you modernize, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.


Managing a fleet is expensive, risk burdened and yet a requirement to support the business requirements. An intelligent platform reducing risk and rewarding good behaviour can see immediate positive returns.


Create, deliver or enhance mobility based solutions, including road-usage charging, graduated licensing, driving school, road-side assistance or any other solution based innovation and business objectives.

Key Product Offerings

Advanced Analytics
Data Source Agnostic
Industry Focused
Feature Expandable
Driver Risk Improvement
Rapid Deployments
Leverage Existing Investments
Future-proof Platform
Multi-vertical Offering
~20 years of Telematics experience
20+ years of auto data analysis

Engage drivers to be safer and smarter

Leverage telematics to educate drivers and reduce risk

Create the best experience possible

Faster, more accurate claims

Accelerate the claims process, improve the overall accuracy and reduce costs